We are an independent Health and Safety advisory company, specialising in a variety of industry sectors.

The company was founded in 2003. Starting with just a handful of clients in the construction industry. However over the years our client base has slowly grown. Working with organisations operating in diverse markets from High Street stores to investment organisations. This has given us a vast array of experience, skills and expertise to help any organisation in any sector.

Here at SMSuk Our aim is to help you prevent injuries at work and to ensure workplace safety, whatever your place of work or business function. But we think laterally and creatively about health and safety problems.

We consider the sort of business you are and the industry you are currently operating in. We solve some workplace safety issues over the phone.  Others need on-site workplace risk assessments to determine potential risks and offer advice that will prevent injuries at work. All our services are completely

bespoke, as no business is the same.

Whether by phone, email or on site, our research will be thorough and our recommendations will be practical.

Our team will conduct a smooth and thorough investigation to satisfy the authorities and take the stress away from you.