Health & Safety Audits

A Health and Safety audit should be an integral part of your Health and Safety management system, and not just to make sure you’re compliant with regulations. One of your top priorities must be the safety of your staff, visitors and stakeholders.

Our health and safety audits cover:

    1 Inspection of the physical aspects of your premises
    2 Management practices and activities at or affecting that location
    3 Produce health and safety documentation
    4 Manage systems & documents

We’ll compare the procedures and arrangements you’ve documented in your Health and Safety policy with what you actually do and give you expert and sound advice on your current situation and where you should be.

You’ll get a report of our findings with our recommended actions and target dates by which they should be completed, this will be in an easy format and designed to suit your organisation and will be completely bespoke. The report will be thorough; we’ll make it easy to follow by separating it into detailed sections.

Policy, consultation, fire, first aid etc
Disability discrimination access and facilities audit.
Health and safety inspections
Fire safety audits & inspections

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